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Lockdown Rolo Cookie Buns

Lockdown Cookie Rolo Buns baked by my daughter.
They were fantastic! :)

Really easy to make and ideal for those with a sweet tooth and not worried about diet, weight or going into hyperglycaemic shock


250g plain flour
125g butter
1 egg
100g sugar (I think we used ordinary granulated sugar)
5g baking powder
100g chocolate chips (we cut up a Bourneville bar into small peices)
2 packs of Rolos.

1. Put flour, egg, sugar, butter and baking powder powder into a mixing bowl and mix well into a dough. It is best to do this step using your hands as you can rub the flour into the butter to mix well.
I have not took a photo of this step because as you can imagine my fingers were as greasy as a teenager's face and I didn't want to gunk my phone up. Also, we used a shoebox to do the mixing as all the mixing bowls were in the dishwasher.

2. Once you have a nice dough, add the chocolate chips and mix well. It should look and smell fantastic. You have just…
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Published Article in 2600 Magazine: We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You gerbilByte
Hello peeps! It’s me again, you friendly neighbourhood gerbil. You may remember be from articles such as “Take Your Work Home After Work” which appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of 2600 Magazine, and “My Voice Is My Key” which appeared in the Autumn 2015 issue of the awesome 2600 magazine. If you haven’t read them, buy the back copies and read them NOW! :)
I haven’t written in a long long time because I have been so so busy, so thought I’d say hi by submitting a little snippet of something very useful.
Let’s talk about wordlists. What is a wordlist?
Well, a wordlist, as it says on a tin, is a file which is made up of a shit-load of words.
The Kali operating system has a few wordlists which can be found at /usr/share/wordlists. Now, here is a massive file called rockyou.txt. It’s HUGE!!! This is a bit of a default file for people to use as it contains absouletly millions of words! Let’s have a look:
root@kali:/usr/share/wordlists# wc -l rockyou.txt 14344392 rockyou.txt

Two-Factor Authentication

Here I was, just got home, looked at Twitter and saw that John McAfee had posted a few videos discussing the BitFi wallet, the "unhackable" cryptocoin wallet. The date was 2nd August 2018 and the BitFi wallet was being hacked! I mean, the device was really being torn apart - it had been investigated; rooted; cast onto other devices etc. but this blog isn't about that, it's about Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
I watched one of his videos, and around about a minute into the video John says, and I quote,

"...and if you are using two factor authentication you are an idiot. So more than one way of, of securing something is not necessarily secure."
This made me think. And rub my chin. And think a bit more. Did he really say that?!? Seriously though, did he??? He comes out with some wacky things but...!!! I was gob-smacked!
I put the video back and yes, that's exactly what he said! So 2FA is only used by idiots is it?!?

This was a stupid thing to say in my op…

Gain the PIN to ANY bank card

Gain the PIN of ANY debit card.


Some people know me, other people don't.
In a nutshell I am one of those cyber security types, not the type that will find vulerabilities, exploit them then brag about them, but one who will find vulerabilities, then report on them and not brag. After all, I am a penetration tester, it is what I do for a job.
But sometime I may stumble upon a security flaw that I think should be reported to the public, to keep the reader safe and, well, alive.

Enjoy the read!

gerbil (follow me on Twitter: @gerbil)


So, you've pilfered that debit card from your victim and you are seriously strapped for cash.

Well, one way you could go about this would be to take a few trips to the supermarket, buying bits of shopping (under £20) and take advantage of the fucking awful "contactless" chip that most card…